Beam & Swoop join forces

Beam Internet is joining forces with Swoop! From 1 October, you’ll notice some exciting new changes. Here’s what you need to know about what’s coming….


What’s changing?

In July 2021, Beam Internet officially joined the Swoop family. We’ve started merging our Australian-based internet companies together. As part of this process, from 1 October, we’re getting a new name, and a fresh new look – officially becoming one company under ‘Swoop’.

So next month, there will be a new name on the website, your invoices will look a bit different, and our social media account will take on the Swoop name as well.


What’s staying the same?

Our name is changing but our aim is the same – providing you, our customers with unparalleled coverage across regional South Australia. We’re now part of a company that is committed improving internet coverage in more regional Australian places.

Your plan will remain exactly the same, as will your monthly charges. You’ll also keep the same great service from the team right here in the Barossa.

We’re still trading as WAN Solutions PTY LIMITED.


When are we changing?

We will officially become part of the Swoop family on 1 October.


Why is joining Swoop good for you?

  • Exclusive network: You will benefit from being supported by Swoop’s expertise in building awesome, exclusive Fixed Wireless networks, that has over 390 purpose-built towers across Australia, 65 of which are right here in South Australia.
  • Local experts: We’re still the same local team you’ve been dealing with since the start. When you email us or chat to the team online, it’s always a real person. You can still speak us over the phones at 1300 591 261, chat to us on our Facebook page here, or drop by the office in Nurioopta.

By joining forces with Swoop, another regionally based internet service provider that understands the needs of country people, we are building our network to provider better, faster, more reliable internet for you and more regional Australians.

We’ve got 25+ years’ telco experience under our belts. The entire Swoop team are in Australia. We don’t have overseas call centres.


Why are we changing?

Swoop is our sister-from-another mister. A locally based, regionally focused, customer driven internet provider. By joining forces, we can spend more time innovating, investing, and improving our services and products for you.

Our customers now have the support of a national, 100% Australian owned and operated company national. Our exclusive Fixed Wireless network is almost 400 towers strong and we have award winning teams, innovating in our field to provide you fast, more reliable internet.


Who is Swoop?

Swoop Broadband is a local internet service provider based in regional, Victoria. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.

We’re growing but our focus is the same for over 25 years – local people, supporting local people. We’ve built our own exclusive internet network to deliver world class internet – in places the big companies forget about.


Is the customer support team still going to be local?

Our awesome South Australian support team isn’t going anywhere! If you contact our support team on Facebook or over the phone on 1300 591 261, you’ll likely talk to the same person or people you’ve spoke to in the past.

Now our team is backed up with the Australian-based Swoop support teams, in Victoria, NSW and WA, making sure you have the help you need when you need it. Coming soon, you can look forward to longer support hours and great new value plans and speeds.


What do you need to do?

You don’t need to change or do anything. We’ll updating you regularly in the countdown to this transition – so there won’t be any surprise come 1 October.

You can still speak to us over the phone at 1300 591 261, chat to us on our Facebook page here or drop by the office in Nurioopta.


Want to know more?

Give us a call on 1300 591 261, chat to us on our Facebook page or drop by the office in Nurioopta.