Corporate customers demand ultra stable, ultra low latency and ultra high availability. Beam Internet’s network can provide Barossa corporations with high speed 1:1 contention Internet tails up to 1Gbps in speed! Our network is built on a fully redundant core with corporate customers having the availability to continue this redundancy right through to their own network.


Some of the features offered are:

  • High speed plans up to 1/1Gbps
  • Private tunneling (PTP or PTMP) in excess of 1/1Gbps
  • 99.999% service up-time guarantee
  • Redundant hand-off¬†available
  • Unlimited data usage
  • 1:1 contention ratio
  • Sub 10ms ping to Adelaide CBD
  • Mission critical 24/7 support


Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information on our corporate plans and availability.

Corporate Plans