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Beam Internet offers a range of plans to that serve the occasional Internet user right through to a heavy business user. Use the form below to build a plan that suits your needs. If you require assistance selecting a plan, feel free to give us a call on 1300 591 261

Setup Fees
If topographical or onsite survey has confirmed LOS (Line of Sight) access to a Beam Internet Node an installation can take place. Setup fees are listed below for contractual periods ranging from 36Months to 0Months.

36Month 24Months 12Months 0Months
$99 $179 $300 $400

Standard installation includes all connectivity equipment, labor for installation and testing and a WiFi router for your premises.

If a complex installation is encountered, e.g. we need to install a larger than normal antenna, roof mast, additional data outlets etc. this work will be charged on top of the above setup fees. A total install price will be confirmed prior to installation taking place.



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Critical Information Summary

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